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dance around the kitchen in the refrigerator light

like EVER

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We will be remembered

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Make me choose

jennytylersmith asked:Rose with curly hair or Rose with straight hair

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Taylor Swift / @taylorswift​ | Most popular posts & replies

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Taylor Swift’s hidden messages: …but you’re untouchable burning brighter than the sun

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“On the first day of 9th grade, walking into high school, first class that I went to, I sat next to this girl, and she had red hair, and we became friends immediately. Just because I think we were the most cynical people in English class. She became the person that I would play all my songs for, after I had written them. I would go over to her house, like, and we’d sit in her and I’d play it for her. She was like a huge cheerleader!” - Taylor Swift

“We just kind of understood each other, and we were bitter about the same things, and we were happy about the same things, we had the same goals, and… We really hit it off. I truly, truly appreciate those moments, when she wants to play something new for me. That’s my favorite time to witness her, doing what she loves. It’s when she’s just raw. I compliment it ‘till there’s no end, and she acts just so shocked! She’ll just look at me, like ‘Really? Thank you! Thank you so much!” She’s just so grateful!” - Abigail Anderson

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Taylor RT’D the picture Abigail posted!

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